870A-G54 AM3+ Compatable?

So I've been google searching and can't find any info on this issue. Basically I own the board specified in the title but I can't find any information on whether or not it can be used for the new AMD chips coming out.

I have found this link which specifies my board on the list saying that it supports the chip but I just want to be sure before I drop around $200 on the 990FX.\

Can someone fill me in on what this all means? Thanks :)
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  1. Oh wow. I checked that page last week and it still said AM3. Thanks for pointing that out :) Now I can order my 990Fx when it becomes available.
  2. hey circumventor, i have the same mobo as you and i have been wondering about this issue for a while now.. have you gotten the FX to work on it? because MSI has 2 versions of the 870a-g54 i think.. one is AM3 and the other is AM3+ so i really wanna know if you've gotten yours to work..
  3. @ geesharp

    What color is your socket?
    MSI 870A-G54 AM3 (white)

    MSI 870A-G54 (FX) AM3+ (black)
  4. @ geesharp;

    You'd be a lot better off starting up your own New Topic instead of bringing back to life a 3 month dead thread.
  5. meh i only really need a quick reply to this..

    i have the white socket..
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