Msi g31tm wont boot

We have gone through the troubleshooting guide, checked everythng - darn motherboard still wont post or boot? having the same issue with an MSI x58... any recommendations?
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  1. Welcome, Newcomer. Are you using the same hardware for both mobos? Have you tried breadboarding? What are the voltage readings from the PSU test?
  2. thanks for your reply - we are going to try breadboarding now - see if that works - PSU's are both fine... no hardware for each of the mobos is different. the g31tm is a replacement board and the other one is a completely new build. Thing is I've checked the compatability of the CPU and memory - all good - so am stumped :-S after the BB will post back...
  3. okay - some measure of success - have breadboarded and we can now get into the bios - I read somewhere - cant remember where now that the pacers MUST be in the correct position - am hoping that this is the issue with both boards - will post back once we have set up and stuck everything back in their cases as this could be an interesting solution for other users with a similar problem. May be an MSI thing?? anyone with further info - please share :-) thanks!!
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