Radeon 5670 not recognised.


Bought a cheap desktop at the beginning of the year, a hp q5200uk. Since then I have upgraded the memory by 1GB and the graphics card to a XFX Radeon Hd 5450. Everything was working fine.

Bought a new graphics card, the XFX HD 5670. Plugged in the dvi cable and the monitor to the new card - no signal. Plugged the vga in the integrated graphics to see what was what. Looked up hardware - nothing. Tried to install drivers from cd said there was no xfx card detected. Downloaded drivers directly, initiated setup. Installed, re-booted, still nothing. I took out all drivers for ati/xfx, re-booted, then installed drivers for new card. Still no detection.

Removed memory and tried alternate combinations to see if memory was the problem. It's fine. Checked hdmi connection instead of dvi, still didn't work.

Checked all power connectors to motherboard - everything was fine, the fan on the gpu spun up no problem. Went into BIOS and switched over to PCI-E detection for video. Didn't work. De-activated integrated graphics, re-installed card, de-activated all drivers and booted up -no signal and no detection.

Bought a new, good quality and more powerful psu, installed perfectly, correct power consumption across the board. Graphics card still spins up but there is still no detection.

Plugged in the hd5450 again and there is no problems with it at all, all cables and power is fine.

The NEW card is a single slot gpu with no power connectors required, 512mb, gddr5.
My ram is 4GB gddr3.
CPU is AMD phenom II dual core at 3.4ghz
mobo is m2n68 la - PCI-E graphics compatible, and confirmed HD5670 compatible.
Hard drive is Western Digital 1TB
Windows 7 64 Premium

Any ideas or questions?

My only remaining thought is that there is a graphics card fault, but I'd hate to take it to the shop for them to get it running. It would leave me with no clue at all what to do...

Thank you for your help
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  1. if he 5450 works and the 5670 doesnt then the 5670 is faulty.
  2. iam2thecrowe said:
    if he 5450 works and the 5670 doesnt then the 5670 is faulty.

    Thanks for the reply, I went back to the shop, they tested it and it was faulty and they gave me a new one.

    However - I installed the new card and drivers and though it will display through the card - it won't play games. It plays the intro clips for the game, but won't go to the menu, the screen just goes dark or otherwise faults. A couple of games will allow me to start a game, but cuts out after about a minute.

    It's not overheating, I've checked, and my psu is Antec True Power and has more than enough juice to run this thing. I've driversweeped everything and re-installed through cd, ati and xfx - nothing is resolving the issue.

    Any ideas what that might be?
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