Aux Gfx power blew motherboard

So I was troubleshooting another computer and decided to rule out the power supply. I plugged the 24 pin and aux motherboard power into the test board but left the gfx card aux power plugged into the old comp as I thought it wouldn't matter (Why would the gfx card pull in power if everything is off I figured). Apparently this was a major mistake as with no power being connected to the working motherboard besides this gfx aux through the card when I turned on the other computer a component(I think a MOSFET) on the working motherboard fried. :o
Has anyone heard of this happening before? I had done a quick search and couldn't find anything like it.
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  1. what was the power supply? that sounds... odd, what card is it? did the card stop working when you turned your PC on? because it may very well have died of a mix of a bad PSU and age
  2. The power supply was an OCZ 1000W. The card wasnt the thing that burn out rather one component at the bottom of the motherboard that was disconnected of all power except through the video card. Yes it struck me as extremely odd.
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