How will i make sure the parts work?

Okay so basically my dad has a job across the world but we come home to america every vacation but my question is how can i test that the parts work, because i'm going to buy parts worth maybe $500 and i'm gona come home and build it. I can't build it in america because we don't have the factors and taking it on a plane after it's build might be bad. Is there any way to test the components or something before we go home on the plane and build it?
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    America is your home yet you fail to use basic English capitalization and punctuation. Amazing.

    No you cannot test components without putting them together and powering them up.
  2. I'm not writing an application or anything lol...
  3. So you only capitalize the name of your country and important people when it matters? Hmmmm...
  4. ...I don't know why anybody would lie about where they are from lol...
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