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Can't repair windows after Bios update

After having power management issues with my computer(whenever my computer went to sleep, manually or because of inaction, it would cut power, crashing the system), I was advised that a bios update might fix the issue. I went onto the Gigabyte website(I have the GA-Z68MA-D2H-B3), downloaded @Bios, followed the instructions, and restarted. However, Windows 7 refused to load, and the computer told me to put in the installation disk and repair. I did so, and restarted. Now, when told to select the OS(I have XP and a recovery for XP as well as 7) 7 and XP were both listed as "Recovered". I then selected 7 and began the boot. However, as soon as the Windows icon began to swirl(you could only see 3 or 4 little dots of color) the screen froze and the computer restarted. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. :D
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    When you upgraded the BIOS it probably loaded the defaults for everthing. Were your SATA ports set to AHCI ? If so you will need to go back in BIOS and change them back to AHCI from IDE.
  2. Hmm, going into Bios, it shows up as F9. :P
    However, doing that let me go to the screen that gave me the option for last known good boot, which works! :D
    Thanks so much!
  3. Great. Yeah @BIOS automatically sets everthing to default when you update your BIOS. You can uncheck that option or you have to go in and make the changes yourself.
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  5. Update: looks like the power management issues are still there. I'll put up another topic for that. :(
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