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Hey guys, I was just wondering what the difference is between these two parts

As far as I can tell the only difference is the RL and XL on the end of the product numbers. What does that mean?
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  1. I found a similar question on Super User a while ago (I couldn't find it again), but it was basically that the difference in parts like that is just for marketing reasons. If you search Newegg for laptop memory you'll see that there are dozens of the exact same memory modules that differ in product number.

    Sorry that such a sucky answer! (But it's true.)
  2. The difference between these two series, the RipjawsX is design for LGA 1155 platform as we said, and all the testing are using LGA1155 platform, and Ripjaws are using LGA1156 platform, and that's the mainly difference. and now we have RipjawsZ for LGA 2011 platform, and this one is totally different as before, different version of XMP 1.3, please notice.

    From a Gskill rep on ^
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