ASRock Z77 Extreme4 or MSI Z77A-G43?

I'll be buying a new motherboard, CPU and GFX-card soon. I have decided on the CPU and GFX-card (i5 2500k and Sapphire HD 7850) but I can't really choose between all the available motherboards. I looked around and these two seems like they would work well, although in different price-classes.

Here in Sweden I can get the MSI board for around $140 and the ASRock one for about $185. I have heard that the i5 2500k is great for overclocking and I read in some review that overclocking with the somewhat cheaper MSI board is trickier, does anyone have experience with this board and can tell me if that's true or not?

What would I be skipping out on if I chose the MSI board instead of the ASRock one? Anything important?

Thank you for reading!
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  1. the ASRock board is probably higher quality

    but is it worth another $45, your components arent really high end, so theres no real need for a high end motherboard
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