MSI P67A-GD65 Motherboard

Ok, this question is for people who own the P67A-GD65.

So as you all know (link above), the motherboard has a big heatsink right next to the ram slot (OC GENIE one)

I recently bought the Corsair H100 and now am looking for a case that can support a push-pull config with this particular motherboard.

The cases I really want to get are the 650D or the 600T.

But because of the really fat heatsink, I'm not sure if a push/pull H100 will fit!

So here's the question.

Do either one of those cases support push/pull config with the h100 without any modding?

Thanks for your help guys!
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  1. Type in H100 vs Haf X on you tube and also on NEwegg reviews. There is room in the Haf X up top where you can mount the H100.

    I own the Z68 version and use the Genie OC to get a stable OC to 4.2 on my i7 2600K cpu while kicking my SLI video bricks to as fast as they can go.

    I use two Ultra Kaze fans through the CPU cooling block, across those big heat sinks and have the two top fans reversed to make pressure inside my case. I have many more fans inside the case everywhere doing specific jobs; essentially eliminating any and all hot spots.

    You want 120 mm fans that can generate a great deal of Static Pressure. Deltas come to mind.

    There is a specific bolt size you will need to visit your local hardware store or Lowes or whatever to get for your Case frame to fit the H100's radiator to the HAF X.

    If you are using a different case, then I would advice you to carefully research online anyone or anything related to your choice of case vs the H100. If nothing else you can always hang the damn radiator outback of your computer case.

    At some point you are probably going to be faced with some modding. The H100 does not support fan speed changes without opening a side panel or installing a specific hardware controller.

    Disclaimer, I don't own the H100. I have a Zalman CPU cooler and several more items coming in while focusing on air cooling only. If I was to get into water, it's going to be based on the big Rasa system and a dredging up of my old plumbing skills.
  2. Do you think there will be a noticeable difference between 2 fans (push) and 4 fans (push/pull)?

    I'm gonna be replacing the stock fans with better ones.

    I really want to get the 650D (cool window!) but it does not look like it will hold a push/pull h100..
  3. I have not gone with that solution. With the coming of winter, I simply isolate the game room and allow the room to cool to 60 and simply use a Zalman 11 Extreme CPU cooler.

    I already am replacing all of my Cooler master fans with Antec Big Boys. I know I will have to cut, saw, ziptie and ghetto glue some on as best as I can. The CM fans will either fail due to oil starvation in the future or never push the air as the Antec ones do.

    If I did the H100's though, I would be looking to put some angry deltas on there. But unsure if it will fit.

    Quite frankly there is a sufficient number of reviews that indicated fluid leakage inside the Corsair coolers. I am not there yet. Maybe someday.
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