GTX 550 ti w/ Phenom II 955 or HD 6850 w/ Athlon II 640

So I have these 2 choices, in a gaming rig I'm getting, It's prebuilt, so please don't suggest anything else, and no, it's not cheaper to hand build.

So what should I get, the Phenom II 955, running at 3.2Ghz which has a .2Ghz higher clock speed and a L3 Cache with a GTX 550 ti 1GB.


An Athlon II 640 which is running at 3Ghz, with no L3 cache, but a much better GPU, the HD 6850 1GB.


Thanks in advance for any help giving.
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  1. Thanks.
    By AMD I suspect you mean Athlon.
  2. I know, but AMD also make Phenom II, you said, get the AMD HD 6850 PC.
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  4. Well, if I thought that, I wouldn't have posted this thread.
  5. 955 vs 645 (they didn't have the 640) in benchmarks

    I have a 955 in one PC and an athlon II x3 in another. It's not a huge jump in every day commuting unless you plan to do heavy video encoding.
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