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Gaming pc (mostly for racing games)

i will be buying my first gaming pc within this month. That pc's specs are:
>8 gb ram ( [may not be from g skill]
> 1 gb gtx 560
> Asrock z68 extreme4
>1 tb samsung hdd (
>750w psu ---dont know which i should buy...suggest me 1
> i5 2500k
>21.5 inch monitor
> case- cooler master storm enforcer (

this will almost cost $1,300 in my country...

forget my sis' one..i may not waste money on tht old pc...

thnx for reasing..
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  1. is the 1st pc overkill? i just wanted to be futureprof
  2. I don't think I'd even take the second pc :) but as for the first build. We'll need to know more info (maybe a link) to the exact parts you're looking at. I would get a different GPU though, if possible.
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  4. The build looks good - the 1st PC parts.

    FYI - the light gaming pc build parts are actually capable of getting you mid-high end gaming on that 21.5" monitor

    If its racing games- NFS Shift2 Unleashed
    DiRT 1/2/3
    NFS Hot Pursuit
    Stay away for TDU 2 :D

    1300 is quite a good amount. But if your getting anything else lower than that - i don't think you could do better than what you have already.
  5. hey thnx for the the reply...i just tried to see gtx 460 in our country and it costs nearly 250 dollars...the z68 asrock mobo isnt available...and a cheap mobo cost more than $170..and the processor would cost me $310... thus ill tell me bro (who lives in aus and he is coming on 15th) so ill get him to bring the processor- i5 2500k
    asus gtx 560 and asrock z68 extreme mobo for about 700 aud... and im buying the psu,ram,hdd and the others from here for...quite cheap...what do u think of this one?
  6. I completely forgot - Welcome to the forums , newcomer!

    some corrections;
    asus maximus IV gene z is still a good choice.
    GTX 560Ti
    8GB Corsair Vengence (2x4GB kit) but you also mentioned that you can get g.skill rams...?

    some things we need to go over;
    case...? I'd go with an Antec P180 mini case - as your looking at a mATX board and setup.
    PSU...? Need quality PSU from a reputed brand/maker. Cos the last thing you need is a cheap PSU that'll blow up your $1300 rig in your bedroom :D in one night.

    HDD - doesnt really matter bro. But just make sure its a good fast drive to help with bootup times and game loadings.

    Where dya live btw?
  7. thx for tht.. i knw tht asus maximus is great...its got z68 chipset but it isnt available yet and in ebay au, it cost more thn 220...which is out of my budget for a mobo..
    i noticed tht the "Ti" version of gtx 560 costs 40 AUD more which will get too much for me and there isnt much difference between either of thm..thus i decided to go with normal gtx 560... as all these items get a bit too much on the expensive (because of buying it from aus) i may not be able to afford any ram more than $95...thus i may not buy those g skills or corsair ram...though i will try my best to get a Ram with 16000 Mhz...
    thts a nice case but can afford a case thts tht costly...for the gfx card and the mobo..i will have to decrease few bucks from all the other stuffs... and cooler master 1 is about $80...which is less thn tht 1....and it also got 2 3.0 usb and 2 2.0 usb...which is a bonus...if i find 1 in my country for cheap..i may grab it.. or else i may hav to get a cheapie case for the time being...psu's are quite expensive are the gigabyte psu's? i have them available..i will try to find corsairs 750 watt here...thnx for all the helo boom!!

    i live in Bangladesh...its a small country with big population....people are usually quite poor here and they hardly buy high end pc stuffs...thus much awesome stuffs arent available...the ones tht are available...happens to be very very expensive compared to the retail price....
  8. ^ i live in bangladesh as well bro - where exactly? I'm in chittagong now :)

    stay away from teh gigabyte odin PSU's really shaky units! stick with can look up my member config. Give you an idea of what else you can buy. Its not expensive and if you add shipping and freight :) you can do math right? you get the same price premium you have to pay :)
  9. im from dhaka...well probably the retail price is same..but the shipping cost adds a heck more amount to it...say an ipod costs $190...we gotta buy for $250.. $60 dollar for the freaking shipping?? crazy..

    its really good to see a mate from the same country in this site...
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    Come from Chittagong, live in Dhaka but come often down to Chittagong to visit my family.

    lol - ipod comparison - thas the best joke i heard so far. Ipods are nothing but overpriced piece of hardware thas used as bragging material in Bangladesh - not many people use it to its potential besides the number one reason for road deaths is cos of a deaf jaywalker walking with earphones in their ears :D

    my 2 cents.

    since you're getting the parts from outside...heres my advice

    you can get good HDD's here - WD Black's/Blue's/Green's
    or samsung F3 drives

    Rams - Adata 1600Mhz gaming grade rams - though i'm not familiar with their overclocking capabilities.

    GPU - easily available from dhk idb or check up clickbd and pickup a cheap high end gpu.

    PSU -ofcourse its available here. I run a thermaltake toughpower grand 750W PSU. You can pick up an XFX 650W to power your rig or a modular PSU from thermaltake.

    Case - now THAT you can pick up from abroad! I'm looking at a corsair 600T special edition white

    FYI - when it comes to warranty, who'll you nag to replace it? If you can pick up majority of parts from here, they relieve you of the stresses involved with warranty claims.

    so that leaves you with either getting a SSD, "unique" GPU and case - CPU cooler can be included but you seem to have hit a wall with budget. oh and one more thing, ever wonder about the carrying effort needed ? :) no offense mean't bro - just food for thought.

    Just did a quick search on clickbd

    its reminded me that you can actually get a P67 mobo from asus(or gigabyte - both being reliable brands and highly praised by Tom's members) and be happy with it - you can also pick up a i5-2300/2400 for justa lil over 26,000 (i think...) :/

    ofcourse you "could" get a build similar to this

    this is coming from experience - stay away from ebay - a hotspot for dodgy characters trying to sell broken/damaged goods without you knowing whats happened.
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  12. thank YOU for the vote, but i dunno if I've answered you reality :D
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