CDROM doesn't work with Ultra100 installed

I just installed an Ultra100 card in my system. It is a 3 year old Dell (PII300 on an LX MoBo)
I have 2 Maxtor Hard Drives on seperate Ports on the Ultra100 card and then I have a Sony CRX100E and a 32X NEC CDROM drive to put on seperate ports on the MoBo.

The porblem is that when I have the NEC CDROM installed while the Ultra100 card is installed, the BIOS will detect the CDROM (I used a boot disk to lead teh CDROM drivers in DOS and the CDROM works in DOS) However, when Windows is loading, the CDROM will read for a few seconds and then make a noise (like is it releasing a CD for ejection) and when I get into windows, the CDROM is not installed and whichever Port it is installed on there is that yellow ! by it.

I have tried the drivers for the card that came with it and the ones on the Promise site.

-The Sony CD-RW works fine when the card is Installed-

There it is in a nutshell.. any Ideas on how to get teh CDROM to work when the Ultra100 card is installed (remember the CDRom is not connected to teh Ultra100 card - it is on the MoBo)

Thanks for all..
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  1. "the CDROM is not installed and whichever Port it is installed on there is that yellow ! by it."

    That might mean an irq conflict or Input/output Range
    try change that if it lets you.

  2. I have seen that with some add-on controller cards, you have to disable the controller on the mobo first by going into the bios during boot-up. Also , my CRX-100E prefers to be the master on my system, and it's maximum transfer mode is PIO 4, it doesn't support any of the UDMA transfer speeds.

    :cool: TW
  3. *Only HD are on the card - the CD drives are on teh motherboard*

    With the NEC not installed, the secondary IDE port controller is detected fine (nothing connected to it)

    IR 09

    IR 14

    IR 15

    No conflicts detected in system

    NEC on IDE1 - CD-RW not connected:
    detected by BIOS
    Still reads for a few seconds before entering windows
    Detection of IDE controllers is fine - both detected - no !
    drive not detected by windows

    NEC on IDE2 - CD-RW not connected:
    detected by BIOS
    Still reads for a few seconds before entering windows
    ! Secondary IDE port - Primary detected fine
    Not detected by windows

    NEC on IDE1 - CD-RW on IDE2 • CD-RW on IDE1 - NEC on IDE2
    neither drive is dected by BIOS - takes a while to pass the dection point
    NEC LED always on
    IDE port controllers detected fine
    drives not detected by windows

    CD-RW alone on any port:
    Detected by BIOS
    IDE controllers detected
    detected by windows

    My thougt is that perhaps there is just an incompatibility between the card and the NEC drive. I might try a new CD drive.
  4. try connecting the cd as the slave on 2nd ide connector on card
  5. Umm.. too weird for me.. I have both HDs on Port1 of the card and the CDROM on Port2 and it works. Now why wouldn't it work on the motherboard and is there a way to get it to work on it?
    Not really enough cable to seperate drives and have CDROM on it. Also.. I thought I read that in order to have a certain mode of transfer enabled that both devices on that channel have to be able to support it so if I put a UDMA4 HD on and UDMA2 CDROM drive on the same channel, will it only allow UDMA2 for the HD?
  6. I've seen this problem way too many times. It's strange, but if your add-on controller is based on the Promise chip (forgot the model number), you might need to one hard drive on your built-in connectors. I haven't seen this problem with the HPT370, though. Is your system based on a Via chipset? This has happened to me with virtually every A7V I've ever touched. For some mysterious reason, after you make this change once and boot up into Windows, shut your machine down again, change your hard drive back to your ATA100 controller, then restart Windows, it works fine (as far as I know). Since I build systems, in order to avoid future problems, I just put one hard drive on the built-in controller and one hard drive on the ATA100. No complaints thus far. Hopefully this helps...
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