Upgrading after 3+ years

Hey all,

With Skryrim, Battlefield 3, and other great PC games coming soon Ive decided I should update my PC. I built my gaming rig myself a little over 3 years ago (I think). Here are the specs:

CPU: Intel Core2 quad Q6700@2.67GHz
OS: Vista 32bit
GPU: Radeon HD 5700
Monitor: HP 1680x1020
Power supply: 750watt
MoBo:Asus P5N-D

Im willing to spend 500-700 bucks if needed to be ready to run the next generation of PC games at near max settings.

A few questions:

1) Should I upgrade to windows 7 64bit?
2) Should I go for a 1920x? res monitor?
3) Do I need to upgrade my CPU (I assume my GPU will have to be upgraded)? FYI im not so savvy about overclocking, and would like to avoid it if possible so I dont have to get some elaborate cooling system.
4) What would you do to improve my gaming rig for 500-700 bucks? Do I need a new Power supply/mobo?

Thanks so much for those who know more than I do about PCs and respond with helpful advice!
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  1. HD 5700? No such thing there is a 5750 and 5770. Also a intel 5 2500k is the best you can go for with a new board, the 5770 is a good keep, though I reccomend you get a 6870 or 6850.
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