Replacing my motherboard in my dell dimension 4550

I need to replace the motherboard on my dell dimension 4550 system. I don't need anything too fancy I just need something that will hold 2MB of ddr ram (like my old motherboard) and a tray on the bottom. I really don't even have to have the tray honestly. Anyhow... I have purchased 3 motherboards now and they all fit, but don't take the right type of ram. I have 2GB ddr ram. I am looking to buy a motherboard on eBay but I am having a hard time finding one that fits my needs. Please any help is appreciated!
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  1. what does "tray on the bottom" mean?

    also dell uses a proprietary for their front power/audio/usb/led headers that attach to the motherboard. so basically you either buy a dell motherboard or you buy an aftermarket motherboard and a new computer case to go along with it.
  2. i meant the metal mounting tray.
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