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I know this question has probably been asked tonnes of times on this forum but I'd like some input on this. A few months ago I built a computer all with the hopes of crossfiring. I put a HD 5570 into it and was considering buying another one to crossfire until i posted on here and found out that crossfiring two HD 5570 cards was not a good idea due to the fact that the cards dont have a place for the crossfire tab to be inserted. Soo here i am wondering if i should invest the money into 2 slightly more priced cards so that i can actually crossifire or should i just stick with the one card that i have? If I do crossfire i would most likely buy two HD 5770 cards. I do have all the gaming consoles but I'm kinda transferring over to PC cuz it seems more cost effective. So should I crossfire or not?
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  1. If you're looking at potentially buying 2 new cards just to crossfire I would be more inclined to get one high end card. Having 2 cards just means there's more that can go wrong.
  2. First issue I have is hd5770 is a little dated already, you can get 1 hd6950 for 2 hd5770's with option to add 6950 later, not that you would because by then you will want 7950 or whatever. Or get 6970 and stop looking at Forums and wait till you actually have a problem running a game with it because I bet by the time you do there would have been 3 or 4 generations passed.
    Second issue I have is card spacing, all cards are now 2-slots. Why then are PCIe slots spaced every other? If it was every 3rd it would be perfect, or if the cards were 1 1/2-slot it would work, don't the designers of these things build PC's any more.
    Third issue I have is games are getting to the point that they are ported from console to PC, where it used to be the other way around. I have all 3 consoles and the 3ds, so why not just play it on the console if it was made for the console? No controller configs to deal with or WSAD, etc.. The ~console is also dissappearing, so almost no benefit to getting the PC version anymore. Its sad really.
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