ASUS P8Z68-V Gen3 USB issues

Since making my build with the ASUS P8Z68-V Gen3 motherboard the front panel USB hasnt worked. I have updated the bios, checked the bios settings etc.

Thumb drives also struggle to work in the back.

I thought it was the case but after looking on google Im starting to think it is the motherboard. Someone else suggested it was the power supply.

Any ideas?
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  1. Have you installed the Asmedia USB3 drivers for your motherboard in Windows?
  2. Yeh mate, still dodgy. The USB 3 works ok but the USB ones are intermittent. I wonder if they are set up wrong or plugged into the wrong spot?
  3. My 120gb ipod also isn't recognized.

  4. Im wondering if I need a bigger power unit.
  5. Not likely the PSU. My newly built system has a 650w PSU and yet...

    I am having similar problems in that some USB 2.0 devices work and some don't. I don't have any USB 3.0 devices to check those yet. I am also having other known issues with the MB.

    I think SOME of the problems are solved by updates to the BIOS and drivers...but I am still doing research via ASUS forums and support. However, some of the information is contradictory and some of the steps required for the MB are exasperating; such as clearing the CMOS after doing anything/everything?

    I'll report back my results. ;)
  6. The USB 2.0 ports are controlled by the Intel Z68 chipset.

    Do you have the latest Intel chipset device drivers installed?
  7. Thanks.

    Not yet...I just finished downloading the updates and plan on doing BIOS and driver updates tomorrow. Shouldn't I flash the BIOS first? And then install updates? And according to some on ASUS forums you must reset CMOS with each added device and other exotic steps?

    Weird though is that some devices work fine out-of-the-box with P8Z68 V/GEN3 and some don't work at all? And some of the devices are recognized by the BIOS and don't function?
  8. Generally you install the chipset SW first thing after installing windows and your security apps. The order isn't really that important though.
  9. Thanks...I'll do the chipset upgrade right now.

    Of course I did install the MB provided chipset and LAN drivers from the P8Z68 DVD.
  10. Anyone else? Do we think asus will fix this issue?
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