My 4pin firewire port doesnt work, running Windows 7 on OLD Laptop

I have a external hard drive with 6-pin and 8-pin ports for Fire Wire. It came with two cables, a 6-6 cable and an 8-8 cable. My Mac has a 6-pin port on it so I can use my External Hard drive just fine with that computer, so the drive runs perfectly well.

My PC is a HP Compaq 6715b purchased 2007, it has a 4-pin Firewire port and my 4-8 pin cable doesn't connect my Hard Drive, the cable is brand new. I'm only still running this old thing because I've updated the drive from the 80GB to a 320GB and I upped the ram cards to have 2GB of RAM and i'm running on the 32 bit system.

If I remember right my PC had Windows XP business installed originally and I upgraded to Vista when it came out (or the other way around, whatever) and I'm currently running on Windows 7 OS. I'm not sure if I lost the ability of my 4-pin Firewire port between XP and Vista or if its Windows 7's fault because I hadn't tried using the port until now.
I'm assuming that somewhere in updating the OS that the port "died". I've gone into the Device Manager and changed the IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controller between the three drivers that I have to choose from. Neither of the three work.

They are:
1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller
1394 OHCI Compliant Host Controller (Legacy)
Ricoh 1394 OHCI Comliant Host Controller

I'm assuming the 3rd is the 'newest' but it doesn't work. Is there a 4th driver somewhere that can save the day??
I've done the search for updated software/driver but it isn't there. Maybe there's an ancient driver that I can find somehow to download so that I can use my 4-pin port?

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  1. firewire support has been built into windows since XP. if any drivers are needed they would come from the device manufacturer.
  2. How do you access the firewire support?

    The manufacturer doesn't have any drivers.

    I uninstalled the IEE1394 Driver but I couldn't figure out how to reinstall it, thought it might help.
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