The latest IDT/Sigmatel audio driver for my computer?


It all started when I discovered (after all those years) that recording the sound from your computer doesn't require a cable to connect the output with the mic. Because I was using the a default windows driver for my (default integrated) soundcard, this option wasn't available in the recording section. It all worked well when I installed a Sigmatel/IDT driver.

With this solution came another 'problem', as I found out that the the Sigmatel/IDT drivers are remarkably fragmented and all over the place. Apparantly there's a distinguishing between Sigmatel HD audio codec and IDT HD audio codec, Sigmatel 92xx codec, there's an Intel download page which offers certain other versions for specific main boards and I also found some modded drivers. All of these groups contain versions that have little overlap and every listing is different for every site. Also, there seems to be two name variants of the same version every time: 5xxxx and 6xxxx

All I know is that, according to the documentation, my computer (XPS 410) uses a STAC9227 codec. The latest working (official) version I've been able to find is 6.10.6207.2.

I hope someone can guide me in this 'maze of drivers' :)
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  1. Try these for your STAC 92xx C-Major Audio card.

    X86 :

    X64 :

    The trick seems to be that you delete the HD driver from device manager, when it asks for a reboot, ignore it and install the drivers above, then reboot and W7 should detect everything.
  2. Thanks for your response! Although the link is dead I found that R186858 equals to, which is just a bit below the current version I have. The problem is not so much that it doesn't work at all, it's more that I've no idea how to find the latest working driver for my PC...
  3. Thanks R171786 Win32 . working fine
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