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I've been thinking about building a pc for about a year, slowly researching and trying to keep my self up to date on all the new tech (browsed through these forums quite a bit). Right now my proposed build looks like this:

Antec P183 v3
Antec CP-850
i7 2600k
ASRock P67 extreme 4
MSI GTX 460 Hawk Talon in SLI
G. Skill Ripjaws 3x4GB DDR3 1600
Crucial RealSSd C300 128GB
1 TB WD Caviar Black
Noctua NH-D14/Prolimatech Megahalems
2 more case fans/possibly replace stock antec fans also

Should run me around $1800 before S&H. I feel pretty confident in my hardware choices, but I'm not so confident about cooling. I would like to OC the cpu to the 4.2-4.4 range, which I've read the sandy bridge chips are capable of doing on air, albeit with aftermarket cooling.

I'd like to get thoughts on the D14 vs. the mega, as well as what fans I should look to add/replace. Cooling performance is more important than sound to me, but quieter fans wouldn't hurt. The P183 has 120mm stock rear and top exhaust fans. I'm thinking of putting both HDs in the bottom cage and adding 120mm fans to the front bottom and front middle cutouts.
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  1. Could you please give us this info.

    Just quick things, you shouldn't buy 460's as you could easily purchase some 6870's/normal GTX 560 and OC them further than the 460's to pass there performance. After all the Hawk Talon is $170 a 6870 $175. Just a suggestion, That or get 2x6950 1gb or 2x560 TI

    Drop the 2600K you don't need HT it doesn't effect gaming at all you'll probably get like 1% more performance than the 2500K but that doesn't justify the extra $100.

    The PSU, this is all you'll need at best.
    Or this.

    You don't use triple channel for P67, you use dual channel. You also don't even need 12GB of ram ever, let alone 8.

    WD Blacks are a waste of an extra $20, get the Samsung F3 it'll perform the same and save you money, they're both HDDs so even SATA III doesn't have a huge real world advantage over the F3, 1 second at most.

    Get the Hyper 212+ it'll handle that small OC. It's only $30.
  2. Approximate Purchase Date: unknown

    Budget Range: <$2200

    System Usage from Most to Least Important:
    Gaming, CAD, movies

    Parts Not Required: keyboard, mouse

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: newegg, frozencpu? (never ordered from anywhere other than newegg)

    Country of Origin: U.S.

    Parts Preferences: Intel CPU, Nvidia GPU (have had better experience with Nvidia cards than ATI)


    SLI or Crossfire: Yes unless theres a reasonable alternative

    Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

    Additional Comments: chose the P183 case because I'm looking for an understated, modern theme

    I was actually looking at 560s earlier today, but they seemed a little too expensive. However by the time I'm able to order parts their price may drop further. I thought I remember reading that the GTX 5 series ran hotter than the 4 series, so I chose the Hawk talons because they got great reviews for being OC friendly and well-cooled.

    Will HT help with CAD applications? I do some modest solid modeling for work and school, also why I chose 12GB RAM.

    Thanks for pointing out the triple/dual channel problem, I'm surprised I never noticed that. How is the Patriot Gamer 2 series? I'd still like to stick with 1600.

    The F3 was a close 2nd behind the Black, but in the end I decided black because it got slightly better reviews.

    I was looking at the high end coolers because the pc will be running (idle) long hours in a 75-80F room with occasional gaming sessions.
  3. OK Never mind.

    Get the 2600K since it'll have performance help from HT in CAD.
    Also you still can't use 12gb that's triple channel not dual. Drop it and use 8gb.

    The 560 Ti's won't cheapen by the time you buy it, but they're pretty cheap in regards to cards that are good currently. The 460's are a bit old which explains the cheaper price since they've been released. The 5 series does run hotter, but your research didn't catch that that was only the 570/580. The 560 Ti runs cooler quieter and faster than the 4 series. It uses less power too.
    Plus... You have a 2000$+ budget to work with... They seem too expensive...

    I'll just give you a good cheap ram.

    The reviews on Newegg are useless unless from major online reviewers like Guru3D, THG, TPU etc.

    The Hyper 212+ is good enough for your OCs. Trust me.
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