Upgrade from a GT 220, $300 Budget

I am looking to upgrade to more of a gaming graphics card over the current GT 220 that I have.

This is the computer I am using:
Processor is Intel Core2 Duo Q8300 @2.5 MHz
Peak 400W PSU
Motherboard is not SLI/X-Fire compatible so a single card is all I can run.

Currently running 2 monitors:
23 inch HD, LED, running at 1920x1080 (native)
17 inch LCD running at 1440x900 (native)

Budget is up to $300 dollars.

Mostly use the rig to play WoW, Rift, SCII, Fallout: New Vegas and Photoshop

Upgrading the PSU is an option, but with the total to upgrade the PSU and GPU shouldn't exceed the $300 budget as anything more would be best put away to build a new PC.
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  1. I would upgrade the psu so that you can use a good video card. If you get a video card that only uses 400w, that may not be enough. I would do this combo.

    Corsair 650w - $80

    and this EVGA GTX 560ti for $220 (after mail in rebate)

    If you are willing to spend an extra $15 and get slightly better performance, you could also consider the AMD 6950 2gb. It will be slightly more powerful than the 560ti.
  2. You said that you like doing photoshop. Since you said that you like doing photoshop, a nice thing about the 560ti that I listed is that it comes with photoshop elements 9. If you already have elements 9 or CS5, you could always send your extra copy of elements 9 to me as a finders fee. :P
  3. I just thought of this. This is ******EXTREMELY***** important. Make sure to measure your case and then compare that to the length of the video card that you decide to purchase. Some video cards are very long. It would be a shame to get a video card and find out that it is too long to fit in your case. ...
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