New RAM causes blue screen? HELP

SO! I just purchased corasir vengeance 16gb kit. But when i install 2 sticks(max my computer can hold due to cords) It causes multiple blue screens and weird black screen error. Can someone help me.
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  1. Need more info. Are these 8GB sticks? If so, maybe your MB doesn't support 8GB memory sticks.
  2. use cpu-z check the speed the mb is set for the ram and it timing.
  3. 4x4gb . I cant even get into cpu-z because i bluescreen after windows startup. I currently am using my old memory to make the computer work.
  4. As mentioned by others above, check in your BIOS that timings and clock rates there match what the DIMMs are rated for by the manufacturer.

    Download memtest86, make a bootable USB stick / CD / whatever with it and run it on your new RAM and see what happens. On 16GB RAM, each pass will take a while so you may have to leave it to run overnight.

    If you get tons of errors at multiple different addresses and multiple different patterns, you either have a compatibility problem or bad RAM. If you get errors that follow a particular address and bad bit(s) pattern, you most likely have bad RAM. In either case, you'll have to swap the DIMMs out.

    I had a DIMM two years ago that had an intermittent bit that systematically failed only one specific pattern in memtest86. That was enough to severely mess up my system over the 4-5 days it took me to start suspecting bad RAM might be causing the issues that were cropping up.
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