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Hi all I'm new here! I'm building my first computer in quite a while and am asking around, is the asus z77 compatible with the antec 300 case? Does it fit? Also on a side note, if someone could recommend me a nice cd/dvd burner, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks Much!
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  1. Yes, the Asus Z77 motherboards will fit into an Antec 300 case. They are both designed to the ATX standard.

    This burner will do you well
    LITE-ON 24X DVD Writer
  2. Apart for the practically extinct (consumer-wise) Wide-ATX form factor, just about any other ATX board will fit in any ATX case.

    Where things may get more complicated is clearances for extra-large tower HSFs, extra-long graphics cards and other miscellaneous details like those.

    That said, the 300 is deep enough to gobble monstrosities like the 212+/EVO and has enough GPU slot clearance to fit almost anything on the market except maybe some dual-GPU cards.
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