460 SLI, 5870 Xfire, or 560 Ti ~$250

Hey guys I have about $250 for upgrade and couldn't make up my mind as to what to do. I'm currently running HD 5870 and wanted to switch over to the green team but not sure if getting another HD 5870 to xfire will be a better option with my budget.

i7 920@3.7 Gh
Triple channel DDR 1333 @ 6 GB.
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  1. An HD5870 xfire crushes everything else.
  2. Any particular reason you want to use Nvidia? All things considered, dual 5870's are the fastest option of the ones you listed, and given their prices, the most economical.
  3. The two main reasons I want to switch over are because ATI lacks of support in xfire and 3D gaming. I bought a 73" Mitsu 3D TV a couple months ago and eversince been having problems getting my games to run properly with ATI solution and 3rd party software. After doing a lot of research it seems crossfire doesn't scale up to part either, but it seems like the best bang for my buck at the moment with only $250 to spend consider I already have one HD 5870 in place. I'm thinking about getting one 560 for now but performance wise will I be taking a big loss by not going with HD 5870 x2? What would be a good substitute for that while being able to game in 3D properly? Thanks guys.
  4. Edit: I was thinking 2d surround, not 3d.

    In terms of Crossfire scaling, don't listen to the masses. The reviews show crossfire is just as good and better in many cases.
  5. Crossfire scaling is fine just depends on the game. CF 5870s should crush all games... I should know since my OCed 5850s do great. Crysis and Metro 2033 at highest settings 1080p DX11.

    As for 3D, I'd say you're right that Nvidia has the better solution. I only know a little about AMD's 3D stuff... seems like it should work with the 3rd party software running but I can see it might have issues.

    I'm pretty sure the 560 is basically around the same performance as a 5870. The only thing you'd gain is better 3D support.

    You could maybe buy a smaller and significantly cheaper TV lol... or even just a 3D monitor... Personally I find higher pixel density to be pretty important - but to each his own.
  6. yes,5870 xfire should be enough
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