Lag spikes every 5 seconds. Not putting up with this any longer.

I have lag spikes every 5 seconds when I play games (counter strike, hon, etc). I'm on a wireless internet with linksys router. It's probably because of my shitty router, so I'm going to get a new one. Now I'm wondering if getting this will stop my lagging? Or is it useless?
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  1. How many computers connect to this router? Is the bandwidth getting squeezed?
  2. Getting a new router does not change the lags, how fast is it? if it's around 150KB/s than your in bad luck if you have programs like Anti-Virus program, it uses your internet so it lags... Most games used around 70KB/s but for Counter-Strike, it uses around 120KB/s since there's a lot of people playing... If your got like ComCast Cable, it's probably slow... I got ComCast Cable at 2MB/s and it's really slow sometimes and it even die for few hours sometimes, Reset or Pull Power Plug for few second than plug back in...
  3. The Killer nic won't do anything to help you, also please post your system specs and internet specs. Is the lag you're referring to more of a network lag? Or an FPS lag? Or a temporary lockup (mouse won't move on screen, even outside of games)? Is it predictable? Triggerable? Try running an ethernet cable and eliminating wireless as a variable.

    1. You might be running out of RAM, forcing the system to use Virtual Memory
    2. You might have a hard drive issue, listen for a click or strange sound during or immediately preceeding your lag.
    3. It might be wireless collisions, something as simple as setting your wireless radio to a different channel might help.
  4. ....Or VOIP can cause issues, and is getting very common. :) So we need to know more.
  5. -> Solution is based on my experiments & results
    -> Problem: Lag Spikes every 5-8 seconds / Sudden drop of FPS every 5-8 seconds from 60 to 30-45fps
    -> My laptop: Asus X552L (for more info search in google)
    -> Games tasted:
    - Deus Ex: H.R. D.C. (affected by Lag Spikes) normal: 60fps, sudden drop every 4-8sec. to 35fps for 1sec.
    - Dota 2 (affected by Lag Spikes) normal: 40-50fps, sudden drop every 2-7sec. to 30-34fps for 1 sec.
    - Naruto Shippuden U.N.S.R. (rarely affected by Lag Spikes) normal: 30fps, may be a drop to 28fps

    -> Solution <-

    -> NVIDIA Control Panel -> in "Select a Task..." Manage 3D settings -> Global Settings -> (you must select: "Preferred graphics processor: High-performance NVIDIA processor") -> in "Settings:" find "Power management mode" & select -> "Prefer maximum performance" <-

    or if you want only for a specific game

    -> NVIDIA Control Panel -> in "Select a Task..." Manage 3D settings -> Program Settings -> "1. Select a program to customise:" choose I game ".exe" that you need, for example "Dota 2 (dota.exe)" -> (you must select: "2. Select the preferred graphics processor for this program: High-performance NVIDIA processor") -> in "3. Specify the settings for this program:" find "Power management mode" & select -> "Prefer maximum performance" <-

    PS: It seems that games with 30fps, practically, are not affected by Lag Spikes as the lag it self causes drop of fps normally to 30-35fps so those games shouldn't have this problem; before experimenting I refreshed my windows in "Recovery" & I maid those steps that I posted in "Solution"; if this didn't help you then I have no idea what you should do because I'm not a specialist in computers, I'm just a guy who "always" searches for answers in google to solve my problems with games or pc, but as I didn't find any answer for this problem at all (+ I got "bored" with this stupid problem), I simply decided to try & I found the answer; I don't think that you need to upgrade your NVIDIA drivers because, for me, it worked with older version (as with new).
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