NEED HELP!!! New to building computer...

I have done some researching on computer building and now, I thought
I could handle the task and have ordered the parts... except I'm lost what I
should do! Things like should I get an anti static wrist band and the mat as well?
or like parts I ordered doesn't seem to come with cables, so what cables should I
buy? Like I am not even sure if the power supply comes with the AC adapter!
gyah, can someone please help me what I should get to be prepared to build
it once the parts arrive? Thank you!
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    This is good information:

    Definitely get an anti-static wrist band - mat optional.
    The PSU does come with an AC cable, and a lot of other cables as well
    The motherboard comes with a lot of cables - SATA, IDE if the motherboard has an IDE controller, Molex to SATA power cables, etc.

    Wait until you receive all the parts, then layout the connections. You will find that you have most or all of what you need, with some extras.

    There are some interesting 'How to build a computer' videos on YouTube.
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  3. Thank you!
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