Core clock , memory clock , shaders , ROPs , Stream processors , trans

Hi everybody :D

We always compare the video cards depending on the cards specs ( core clock , memory clock , shaders , ROPs , Stream processors , transistors ........... etc )
And now I wonder what are they ? what is the core clock , what is the stream processor , what is ....... etc

can I get any help ?
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  1. Didn't you use the internet to get here? Can't you use it again to look up these terms? It shouldn't be that hard to type these words into google/yahoo and check out wiki page on them. Come back and ask any questions you might still have.
  2. hmmmmmm yes you're right and I really searched but I didn't find useful things !!
  3. ? How is that possible? You didn't find or you didn't understand?

    This is why I don't feel like typing everything out. First, the info is already out there, why should I waste my time "reinventing the wheel"? Second, if its a matter of you not understanding, what I write will go over your head anyways.

    Lets pick the first thing on your list, core clock. I go to yahoo, type in "core clock wiki" and hit enter. The second result is "core frequency" which should have the info you want. Here's the link.

    It's easy to find the material, but understanding is harder. Reply to the thread with a few questions about anything you don't understand. I'll be happy to try and walk you through things you don't get, but I don't have the desire to write something thats already easily online.

    Edit: I honestly don't mean to be rude and I'm sorry if I'm coming off that way. Depending on why you're asking you might be better off looking at a block diagram of a chip.,2925.html

    Look at the third pic on that page, the one with the red block with the word "SIMD engines" written on it. That entire colored section is the core, or the GPU. The four black boxes are the memory chips. Look up any words you don't know, and read the wiki or other links on them. Ask what you don't understand.
  4. ooh you're completely right

    but the new thing you add is the word ( Wiki ) really I find good articles .......... thank you :D

    I will be happy to ask you if I misunderstand anything

    Thank you again
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