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What type of graphic card sutable for my old P4 Computer

I have a 4 years old computer with P4 Intel 915G Chip set Motherboard (details available at: helps me to find a suitable graphic card (PCI or AGP) for my computer
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  1. hmmmmmmm I think ATI 1650Xpro is not bad ....... I played Call of Duty 4 on Very High setting with resolution 1280*1024

    I also played Jericho and MoHA .......... and Crysis on low settings :D

    or nVidia 7950 ..... I'm not sure if its AGP or PCI-E
  2. Go to and browse what is available.

    You can improve on what you currently have but it won't play many demanding games very well. Also the drivers for non-PCIe cards are probably older.

    You haven're really specified your reason for upgrading so it's hard to recommend.

    You should be able to find a card with hardware video decoding which is good to help the CPU if that older CPU gets maxed out with 720p or 1080p video.
  3. a hd 5450 will do the job
  4. Check it out:
    nvidia 8400 GT
    Suitable for you.
  5. Thank for replay, I am trying to install windows 7 on my system. presently it is xp, its showing 192mb of graphic
  6. Can you please give more details about this
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    i was use 8400 gt in my p4 nearly 6 years ago.It was not a high end graphics card but according to cpu it gave good performance without worry of tempt.
    For technical specification please go
  8. hd 5450 is a better choice because it has dx 11 and will run windows 7 really smooth then a dx10 card.
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