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Will my pc be bottlenecked?

I want to buy a new graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6870 1 GB
I want to know whether my PC perform at its fullest or will it be bottlenecked??
My Specs Are
Processor-Intel Core 2 Duo 2.83 GHZ
Motherboard-Intel DG31Pr

Will the graphics card work to its fullest?

I will run games like Crysis and all in 1600*900 res with high settings...
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  1. your cpu may be a bottleneck,and your ram is also weak.better off buying a new ddr2 2gb stick and overclock your cpu above 3ghz.
    or you can go with a very nice and cheap gfx solution,
    radeon hd 5850 extreme are at newegg for only 139$.it performs nearly 2-4 fps lower than a 6870.
    good luck!
  2. What's your current GPU? The only bottleneck I can see right now is the RAM, which you'll probably want to upgrade to 4 GB. What model is the Core 2 Duo in your PC? Also, does your PSU have the necessary 6-pin power connector?

    You can play most games at high settings at 1600x900 using the 6870.
  3. i currently have no gpu :non: and yes my psu has a 6 pin power connector.. :D
    model of the core 2 duo is E7500...

    Do i need to upgrade my ram only ?? and then every thing will work fine??
  4. yes, you only have to upgrade your ram.your cpu is nice and can hold that card .can you overclock your cpu a little. Does your mobo allow you to overclock
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    No, I meant that in addition to upgrading your GPU, I suggest also buying a second 2GB RAM module.

    Now, I will assume for a while that you run Windows Vista/7. Windows by itself will consume 700 MB-1GB of RAM at startup (mine consumes 1.3 GB, but I think that's because I now have 8GB RAM). Open a browser, that adds 50 MB. Open a game, that's easily 800 MB - 1.5 GB. You can see how fast your 2 GB of RAM will bottleneck your system. You will notice this when it comes to loading new areas, where the game will hang up for a second and smoothen out again. Your game load times will also take a hit while Windows is freeing up some memory for your game.

    4 GB should be more than enough. Even with 20 browser tabs, a media player, and a game, you wouldn't be able to use all 4 GB.

    So recap: It's OK if you don't upgrade the RAM, but I highly suggest you do. It'll help with system responsiveness even outside of games. The CPU you currently have is a good one, so I don't think we have a problem there. It might bottleneck since you're playing at 1600x900, but it'll give you smooth framerates with the 6870 even at high settings.
  6. Personally I would say both your cpu and Ram will hold you back, You should upgrade to 4gb ram and possible a better CPU such a AMD 955 or Intel I5 2500K.
  7. Your CPU is fine.I agree with others on the RAM issue, 4GB RAM is good for a better overall PC experience.Crysis will run fine on a Core 2 Duo with a HD 6870 as its GPU intensive.
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