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Sorry if this (or something similar) may have been answered anywhere, but when I try searching I get rudimentary instructions on how to plug a router into a modem. Probably not going to cut it for this situation.

Basically, I need to know if I can plug a router into a wireless repeater.

Here's my specifics so you know where I'm starting, it might get convoluted so bear with me:

My home network currently has 2 usage areas, let's call them adult livingroom, and kids livingroom. We live in a very rural area, and cellular 3g internet is our only option. The adult livingroom gets internet through a 3g stick modem that in turn broadcasts from a cradlepoint router (designed specifically for 3g sticks) in wireless g, and it only has one ethernet port. I have a few devices that use this "g" connection, as well as 1 pc in the kids livingroom. This pc gets ok but not great signal.

The cradlepoint ethernet port in turn connects to a Netgear wireless n router (broadcasting only n) that acts as an access point. There are 3 computers that connect wirelessly to this n router, 2 in the adult livingroom, and 1 in the kids livingroom. All get good to perfect signal. There is also a PS3 connected to this router through ethernet. I use my laptop to stream HD videos to the PS3 from a media server program, so the ps3's wireless g is insufficient, and ethernet is required. Streaming from my laptop does NOT affect my connectivity to the internet. Able to stream and surf just fine.

As convoluted as it sounds, so far there is no problem or question. It all works flawlessly. Internet going where it needs to, 1080p content getting to the ps3, documents printing fine wirelessly, etc.

OK... If you're with me so far, here's the potential monkey wrench: Santa brought a second ps3 for christmas, and I basically want to mimic the setup from adult livingroom to kids livingroom, but still keep the single internet access point (the 3g modem). I need the pc in the kids livingroom to be able to stream to the new ps3, but still retain access to the internet at the same time. I also need the 2 PS3s to be able to talk to each other for LAN games.

I am planning on setting up a wireless bridge, but think that connecting PS3 and computers directly to the bridge will impede streaming. What I plan to do is connect another n router to the bridge via ethernet, and have the new ps3 and streaming computer connect to this bridge through this new router. This way they can talk to each other without beaming all over the house. The g computer at that end of the house will be able to connect to the bridge directly, and this will greatly improve it's reception, so no problem there. Stringing ethernet across the house is not really feasible.

So, to repeat myself, basically all that I need to know is if I can plug a router into a wireless repeater.

Thank you for your patience.
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    Yes you can.

    On the new router you will need to disable the DHCP, and assign a IP to the LAN side that matches your gateway.

    EX.: if your gateway is give the router (or any other unused IP)

    then setup your wireless security.

    finally connect one of the LAN ports to the repeater.
  2. Great, this is what I assumed, so I picked up the routers (gotta love boxing day) and am in the process of setting it up now.

    Thanks for the help.
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