Suitable games for my nvidia geforce 210 graphic card

can any body give me the names of some games suitable for my nvidia gforce 210 graphic card :ange:
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  1. its a very weak graphic has only 16 stream units which is insufficient for running games on high.
    you can lower down your resolution to see some playable framerate
    1.crysis,sounds crazy but you can play this game by lowering your resolution and all settings at medium will give you some playable rates. can run gta 4 on 800x600 and some settings at mediumor high.keep the shadows low.
    3.crysis2, same story as crysis 1. of duty games with medium high settings.
    nfs hot persuit 2010 on 800x600 resolution,lower down the shadow level and all settings on medium low.
    5.grid and dirt 2 uses same engine so you can play there games on a low resolution and high settings but lower your shadow level.
    all games which were released before 2008.
  2. You can run games like Crysis, Battlefield etc at low settings with that card. If you are in serious budget then Radeon HD 5670 will be the best deal. You can get it at $59.99 after rebates.
  3. he already have the gpu,but seriously,you need an upgrade mate.
  4. Hi, i actually came here for the same question, but I have played some games with this like Avatar, Aliens Vs Predator 2010, Transformers War for Cybertron, NFS carbon, EVEN PLAYED CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS, BUT GOT HANG SEVERAL TIMES, SO I DELETED IT. Please share u r thoughts if u have played any other than these.
  5. space invaders! but on a serious note, that card is not for gaming. get a gt240 or better for any games.
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