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I bought a v6gt and it turns out it doesnt fit in my 185mm case.....it sticks out a bit from the side...and i cant get the side panel on.....how to mod the side panel to fit the v6gt ? :O its a gigabyte x2 case
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  1. yeah :( coz u knw the hyper 212 was like 200 and v6gt was 240 in my place...sooo its a loss if i buy hyper 212 for way too much :/ so i got the v6gt anyway...gonna be stuck with this case for a while till then wat am i gonna do? i got a drill :/
  2. slcmike said:

    ^ LoL!

    Step 1 - Buy a dremel tool.
    Step 2 - Start cutting!
    Step 3 - Buy a new case to replace the one you just messed up. (This time making sure it fits...)
  3. suppose i cut with a dremel tool...so the v6gt will stick outside the side panel ryt? is there any disadvantages leaving it that way?
  4. The reason for having a case is to protect your expensive hardware from getting bumped/broken/ruined... if your Heatsink, connected to your expensive processor, is sticking out of the side you risk damaging it... That could be considered a disadvantage...
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