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I just installed a Radeon 32mb DDR AGP card. I have an Asus P3V4X motherboard with a Pentium II 400 and 128 mb of RAM.

My problem is that I can't use the T & L feature in games without large black triangles moving everywhere and color anomalies.

Any suggestions would be helpful.
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  1. well i dont know i have the same card. Did you use the new drivers maybe cause it takes ati a long time to fix the drivers (they release the card early even with bad drivers or not).
  2. There is an article on Tom's Hardware sight about this. ATI releases drivers in less than perfect quality. It's just to release the card and then they take their sweet time developing something worth while. If there is a new driver I would suggest trying that. If there isn't, you could be waiting quite a while for it.
  3. Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your replies. Today I received an automatic response troubleshooter from ATI, and it seems to have helped the major problems I was having (except now the sky shows up in sections--but I can live with that for now).
    I'll just mention a couple things that may be obvious to you guys (much more knowledgeable about hardware and stuff than I am). There's an atigart.exe file that has to be disabled at startup and also renamed to atigartold.exe.

    I also changed the BIOS settings to allow for "UC" video memory cache mode and disabled Video ROM BIOS shadow.

    If anyone would like the full text of the email, please let me know, and I will forward it to you.

    Hey, those drivers aren't so bad after all. Love the card.

  4. yes, send me the full email. john.butterfield@netigy.com
  5. Yes please send info to
    Thank you much.
  6. yes please e-mail me info at
    would really appreciate it
  7. Just got an email about the recent requests.

    I'm sorry, but I don't have it any more. You can get the same info from ATI though--it was just an automatic trouble-shooter they emailed me.

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