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URGENT! ASUS P8Z77-V LX and GTX 690?

WAS THIS A BAD CHOICE IN MOTHERBOARDS?? Does it have all the pins and connectors and everything that the Gtx 690 needs to run correctly and optimally/to it's full potential?

I have already payed for my build, it's been assembled, it's going through quality control and it's got the IVY BRIDGE 3770K cpu and a gtx690. I NEED to know the card runs fully 16x and pcie3.0 using the ASUS P8Z77-V LX.

Answers GREATLY needed and quickly; I MIGHT be able to cancel payment! This is urgent!
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  1. Yes it's all good. Just remember to buy a decent PSU
  2. Does this mobo support 5.1 and 7.1? This is INCREDIBLY important to me because I have a very very nice set of 5.1 computer speakers and a 7.1 tv system of EXCELLENT quality should I hook this up to my tv. Even though I will most likely connect digitally, and would have to for the tv, I always prefer to use analog with my 5.1 computer speaker system as I just always like the quality better. Does this mobo support analog 5.1?
  3. akxpckwb said:
    Yes it's all good. Just remember to buy a decent PSU

    Is an 850 Watt W0319RU adequate; it's the one I've purchased.

    Also, do you know anything about the onboard audio stuff? Like supporting anolog?

    EDIT: I also really appreciate the quick responce, thank you.
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    Yes that PSU will be more than enough. No idea about audio stuff tho maybe search online or wait for a more knowledgeable member to answer
  5. I went ahead and swapped out for the p8z77-v PRO. Compared to the LX it's just a much better card for what I'm looking for. It's sli compatible should I ever want to add on another gtx690 in 7 years... But more importantly it has 6 audio ports as opposed to to the disappointing 3 of the lx. Better still it has the upgraded audio codec. It seems the LX version is a poorly designed mobo, and I am more than happy to have stopped just before the shipping and pay the difference even if means waiting 2 extra weeks than to get a card I'd be unhappy with. 8 channel audio and 3 ports; it's inexplicable.

    It is my opinion that the p8z77v lx is a poor mobo and it is my recommendation to not consider it when there are far superior options at around its price point.
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