Problems with 5 years old TN Monitor

Hi all,

I have encountered some issues lately with my Samsung 740BF monitor. Firstly, a yellow vertical line would appear, and the pixes around that line are more "obvious" or how should i say. I have solved the problem with turning off and on my monitor. But that has happend 3 times as of January.
Secondly, when the monitor resumed from standby a few minutes ago, the colors where like in 8bit quality, and more vertical lines appeared on the monitor. I have again solved the problem by turning off the monitor and turn it back on a few seconds later.

The monitor is 5 years old, and i'm afraid that my monitor's panel is dying. Is it dying really? Heat problem? I doubt that it's the cable, never failed me for 5 years.

Much thanks to everybody that answers.
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  1. Maybe the motherboard in the monitor has gone bad. Could be a capacitor or two.
  2. Figure a 17" monitor that is five years old really needs to be replaced even if it is not dying !! You can get an ACER or HannsG 23" monitor for $150 and the difference between them will make you glad the thing gave out !! --- I was in a walmart the other day and they had an ACER 18.5" monitor on clearance for $50 - Prices on the monitors have really dropped so if it is having problems I'd replace it rather than try to figure out what is going bad (since any repair is gonna cost more than a new better monitor would !!)
  3. So it's the monitor then? Thanks very much all.
    ^About the new monitor i have already decided, i'm going to get the Dell U2311H, real bang for the buck IPS panel :) But it's gonna take some months before i get it, i don't really have the money right now.
    I guess that the current monitor will last another 3-4 months?
  4. Hm, I have a 5-6 year old Dell SE197FP (19") and it still works fine.
  5. yummerzzz said:
    Hm, I have a 5-6 year old Dell SE197FP (19") and it still works fine.

    Lucky you :)
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