What is the 5850 Xtreme?


So Newegg has a card called the Sapphire 5850 Xtreme for $140.


The other 5850's on Newegg are ~180 and this Sapphire seems to be a brand new card. All the stats look right, but I can't help but think this is somehow a neutered version... anyone have any benches/insight on this thing? If it really is a true 5850 it's a great price/performance ratio.

Thanks for the input
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  1. its a steal, only 140 at newegg. simply is priced greatly.
  2. Yeah, I also couldn't believe the price. I got it from newegg @ $151 USD including shipping and tax. It is arriving in a couple of days. The main difference from the other 5850 cards is the size. This one is like 8.5 inches. And the Sapphire Xtreme has 1 DVI, HDMI and Display Port, instead of having two DVI ports.
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