And The Correct Thermal Paste To Buy Is???

I see 2 or 3 different Artic Silver products available.

May I ask which one is best to get for my new i7-2600k to go onto my new ASUS P8Z68 V-Pro board?

Thank you

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  1. It maybe dated, but AS5 is still good. I use it exclusively.
  2. Yep! Still at the top of the charts!
  3. So I can still get Arctic Silver 5 for $9.99.

    And that choice is better than these 3 other options below?

    Just want to be sure.

    Arctic Silver Alumina Premium Ceramic Thermal

    Arctic Silver Ceramique 2 Premium High Density Thermal

    Arctic Silver Alumina Thermal Adhesive 2 X 2.5
  4. You can see that the silver Ceramic is equal in the chart I linked to but i would stay away from adhesive since it is not really intended for CPU's rather heatsinks that do not have any other retention mechanism.
  5. Ok

    If I may:

    - When and where would someone use the other 2 with 'Ceramic' & 'Ceramique' in their title?
  6. Those will be used the same way as the AS5 for CPU's or any heatsink that does not need to be glued down.
  7. are you using an aftermarket heatsink with your i7? If your just using the stock cooler, just use the stock thermal paste. Also stay away from that Asus v-pro board, its a rip off.
  8. Yes, I'm going with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+.
  9. Yes, I'm going with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+.
  10. Yes, I'm going with a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+.
  11. Ooops - don't know why that posted 3 times. I didn't submit it 3 times.
  12. iam2thecrowe said:
    Also stay away from that Asus v-pro board, its a rip off.

    'Rip off' as in too much money - or not worth the cost vs. features?
  13. If there's anything better than Arctic Silver 5, I haven't found it yet. Just removed a Zalman cooler that I used the Zalman thermal grease on and replaced it with good ol' AS5. What a difference! Dropped my Phenom II X4 980BE's temps by 8 degrees C running Prime95. Be sure to use the Cleaner and Purifier first as per the instructions. Tinning both surfaces first helps reduce break-in time, too.
  14. I believe there is something better than AS5 out now. It costs more, but it seems to lower temps on average a good 3-4C.

    Look through this thread. There were many with AS5 already, and replace with IC diamond and got better results.
  15. jimusic said:
    'Rip off' as in too much money - or not worth the cost vs. features?

    there are cheaper boards with more functionality. Its also the old gen, new motherboards support Ivy Bridge CPU's and PCIE-3. The second PCI-e slot is also only a 4x slot, rather than 8x slot of its competitors boards, so its also useless for crossfire/sli. So yes, its a rip off as other boards get you more for your money
  16. I've been using the AS Ceramic since I started building computers. I felt safer going with that as opposed to AS5 because it is non conductive.

    Also, that board is a fine board. The THIRD slot is x4 and the first two work at x16,x0 and x8,x8.
  17. Thanks for all the replies.
  18. As for the board, I got it for $145.00 as opposed to the $220.00 it sometimes goes for.

    I'm just building a fast, strong, new DAW computer to replace my 5 year old AMD Athlon x2 64.

    I won't be gaming or going on the internet at all, so this board, coupled with an i7-2600k & 16 Gigs Corsair Vengence LP RAM should be plenty good enough for my purposes.

    The only thing I may do is run 2 or even 3 monitors.
  19. No.
    Prolimatech PK-1 or Phobya HeGrease

    Please check the review at the website.
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