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my computer is slow. if i add more ram do i have to tell the computer and how can i tell if the computer will use the ram.
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  1. download cpuid ... and more ram can help alittle but its the cpu that runs the show !
  2. What are the Specifications of the computer.
    Slow in what way? it could be you have too much OS clutter on the disk.
    There could be a lot of other things involved. We'd like to see the specs of your rig.
  3. You can increase ram cache and check your pc for any virus or spywares,(RAM cache, also known as L2 cache, is memory external to the CPU.)

    to check and change cache size:
    1 right click my computer properties
    3."Settings" under Performance, select Advanced Tab'
    4.In "virtual memory" select change

    from here you can increse or decrese the cache (computer internal RAM) size
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