Swtiching from AMD to Intel - motherboard

Well I am finally doing it. I'm moving my build from an AMD to an Intel rig. Right now I am keeping all of the same components except the MB and the CPU. I am assuming that I will have to reinstall windows on my SSD. That is correct right? The boards are different in many ways and System 7 needs to be reinstalled.

Any pointers?
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  1. So you just bought an A8 and now your upgrading? Why??

    Yes you need to format and re-install Windows.
  2. Can u post what are u going to get? The CPU?

    It may not even boot, when switching from different CPU.
  3. OK, post your specs...


    RAM: with link please.


    OS type + version OEM?
  4. Yes, the Win7 is almost trouble free when switch like this is made.

    @ voodooking you need to have the retail version to successfully continue to use it,

    or it will not work due to ->> activation process that is registered

    to your old mobo hardware.
  5. Anything's possible, but the correct way is to re-install windows fresh.
  6. Thanks for the thoughtfull responses! I didn't post the original specs because I thought the answer would be a general one. Sorry.

    As for the hardware, I have an Asrock Z68 extreme 7 Gen 3. I am getting an i5 2500K. That's the only new stuff Im getting. I am saving up for a real GPU for later.

    I have the Windows 7 64 bit retail. I've only used it on one computer.

    If I do have to reinstall I can do that easy because of the SSD.

    I'm getting rid of the A8 because it's OK and I want something better. You want to buy it?

    Thanks again for the answers and I will try just transferring the Board and CPU. See what happens...
  7. Well, than it will pay off for you either way : ) That is where the retail W7 is good : ))

    Try it to swap it and than u will see. Drivers are the important thing here.

    But if u want the best performance, just reinstall.

    Make sure u get the drivers from the manufactures website, as there are the newest ones.

    Get them before the swap.

    Get them here
  8. I can definitely use that link! Rock on..

    Now I have to go for the best answer. damn.. Sometimes this is really hard..
  9. Good luck!
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  12. Guys, I just had to update my project for you. The process of moving the SSD from one platform to the other didn't work. The computer tried but blue screened out on me. I just did a fresh instal. I guess switching from AMD to Intel was just too much of a leap.

    have a good day!

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