How Can I Build The Best Gaming PC For 1200$

Hello,I have a probaly 1200$ budget for building my own Gaming Pc. I want This To be able to play games like crysis 2 on good settings. I would do this myself but i have no idea about specs or what to buy to do these things. I have thought about buying an alienware pc but i heard they are too expensive for what they are. I also heard that if you build your own pc it comes out much more efficent and cheaper. If anyone could help me build the best gaming pc for about 1200$ it would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Use this form so you can get better advice:
  2. BTW the build in my signature line will meet your request, but I'd recommend a GTX 560 ti or GTX 570 GPU; or alternatively the AMD 6950.
  3. thanks, that was fast i was unsure about the thread i will move it there. Thanks again
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