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Graphics Card Upgrade for HP Pavilion desktop

I would like to upgrade my desktop, which has an integrated G33/31 Express Chipset video card and 300w power supply. I could upgrade the power supply. I tried a GT430, downloaded the driver from nvidia, upgraded my BIOS, but I couldn't get it to work (it would work fine at first then start breaking down...pixilations, spikes, other anomolies).

Any advice would be appreciated. I really want this for games like WoW.
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  1. can you get the exact model of your computer?

  2. Assuming you need a more powerful power supply, posting you computer model would be helpful.
  3. HP is notorious for using extremely cheap power supplies. upgrade to power supply first because if it goes it take your mobo with it. 400w to 450w should suffice with the GT430.
  4. My desktop is a6827c. I'm not sure the model of power supply but it is 300w.

    I accidentally posted another thread because this one said "not available" when I first posted it.
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    yes, ive seen a few of these go into my brothers shop all for the same reason a dead psu and mobo. if you already have the gt430 then just upgrade the power supply.

    and also, see if you can disable to onboard video in the bios. sometimes the onboard video can conflict with a discrete video card.
  6. Thank you. Can you recommend a different video card or do you think the gt430 suits my needs (moderately good performance on wow)?
  7. it should suit you just well. if you dont like the performance of it, then get a 5670. :D
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  9. Thank you, CN
  10. no problem bro :)
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