Comuter Case for Sabertooth

Need an adequate affordable case for a sabertooth 990fx SB or other 3way SLI x32 equiv w/ pci legacy also. Any recommendations? Budget is $120 but i'd rather keep the price down so I can start gaming.
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  1. My favorite case is the cooler master storm enforcer. Look it up at Newegg. It's a nice looking case with good airflow.
  2. ya I like the look and price of the coolmaster also, I'm just wondering whether or not a 3 pcie slot board with a legacy slot would fit in a coolmaster?
  3. for $120 go for nxzt phantom it is the best value for money full tower has hot looks,good airflow,clean cable management,and other modern friend has
    one and there are no complaints!@!@!@
  4. This article at Tom's (,review-32247.html ) has some decent cases at your price range.
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