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Hello, I have a GIGABYTE GA-880GM-D2H AM3 AMD 880G micro atx motherboard. I am looking at getting an ATI Radeon HD 5670 graphics card for it. I was wondering the difference between 512Mb 128-bit DDR5 and a 512Mb 128-bit GDDR5 graphics card? Which one is better? Im using this to watch HD television and some light gaming. Thanks
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  1. thats just a typo on the ad. ddr just stands for double data rate. the number on the end (ddr, ddr2, ddr3, ddr5) is the version number. the G stands for graphics.

    it's the same exact thing, but one has a typo.
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    All DDR5 is GDDR5 as there is no system standard for quad pumped memory, only for graphics memory, so GDDR5=DDR5 often times ads will use the interchangeably.
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