Modding stock HAF 932 case fan

Hey, I just picked up a HAF 932 and noticed the stock black 230mm fans on the top and side have 4 led holes around the frame. there are also wire channels on the four "spokes" and if you peel the sticker off there are solderable contact points on the pcb in the fan. Has anyone ever modded these with leds? Im looking for led size (pretty sure its 5mm) and also if i'd need resistors if i do this or are there resistors built into the pcb?
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  1. Odd, mine are LED fans, they are clear though and the LED's red.
  2. Mine only came with the one clear LED fan in the front, i want to mod the other 2 that are just black ones
  3. Its probably a 'standard' fan body casing that they use for both led and non-led variants, no reason you can't throw some shinies in there yourself I say :)
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