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I currently have a MSI P35 Neo2 (MS-7345 ver 1.2) motherboard with a Core 2 Duo E8500 (Socket 775) processor and DDR2 800 memory. The board is giving me issues and I need to find a replacement that I can purchase here in USA.
I also have a Sapphire 1950XT video card to fit in.

What is a suitable replacement and where can I purchase it?

Thanks for advice!
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  1. Wow, that's pricey! I'm starting to think I should have family purchase one in Europe and send it to me - I could save a good $30 probably!

    I guess I'll just start checking the top MB manufacturers, and see what's available...

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    That is really not a bad price for a P35 motherboard - especially for the replacement market.

    Another alternative is a more modern G41 motherboard (around $50) that uses DDR3 RAM. Total investment with the new memory will be about the same.

    Yet another alternative is a used board from eBay.
  3. Maybe I should just get a new heatsink for the processor and hope it lasts. The reason I think it's giving me issues sometimes is because of the heat sink. It's bending the board a heck of a lot. It might be worth it instead of spending the cash otherwise.
  4. dingo have you see if it still under warranty??? a lot of the old mb had 3 to 5 year warranty's.
  5. smorizio - I got it in Germany in 2007 (I think), and I live in Florida. I assume I would have to send it to Germany to have it RMA'd, if it still is under warranty
  6. with global companies just have to send it to the us bases warranty service if it still under warranty. with eletroinic vendors know that sometime people move out of country.
  7. I checked, the warranty was 3 years - 2 year parts and labor, 3rd year parts only.

    I think I decided what I'll do - get a new heatsink that uses a bracket to screw into, instead of the push-in type plastic connector legs. That way I can adjust the tension.

    like o1die said - new boards are hard to find

    thanks for all responses
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