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I have i5 and HD4350 with the latest drivers. Two FullHD screens, when I watch sth on one screen (full screen mode), the second screen seems to be slow, moving windows etc.

Could u recommend any upgrade for a graphic card? I am NOT going to play any games :)
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  1. that may be your system as well. how much ram do you have? and whats your budget for a new card?
  2. In addition to opexx's question What are you watching in full screen? Is it Flash (Hulu), Silverlight (Netflix) or something low resource like VLC?
  3. Well... VLC, full screen youtube etc... on the other screen when I move windows around it is much slower. When I go for a movie in a windows mode, it is fine...

    My WIE is very low with Aero - 2.9. I know this benchmark is poor, but still...

    My system:
    Win7, 3GB RAM, SSD, i5 2500k so it is a decent configuration....

    I was thinking of Asus ATI Radeon HD5670 1GB. Will I see any difference?
    Pls advise. THX
  4. The intel hd 3000 is better than the 4350 but I'm not exactly sure if you can have 2 monitors. Do you have p67 or h67? The 5670 is quite a bit more performance. I don't know what price you're looking at but the 5670 should be $80 BR. Also make sure your psu can handle it.
  5. I have P67... so no integrated card

    Is it possible that 4350 is too slow for two screens?

    Price... as cheap as possible ;-) But want to work on two screens without any issues

  6. "My WIE is very low with Aero - 2.9. I know this benchmark is poor, but still..."

    The score is based on the weakest link, I would love to know what that is as that system (as I see it) shouldn't have an item ranking that low. my system is an origional dual core and I still score a 5.0. Which item is rated at 2.9? "It" may be your issue.
  7. That is Aero...

    everything else is ok, with scores 5.5-7.8
  8. Okay, here's my line of thinking as the issue you are dealing with is somewhat subjective. I had an HD4830 that was just a hair under the quality of my old x1900xtx. I could run fallout 3 and L4D2 at a reduced quality (I know you are not gaming but stay with me here). I occasionally had issues watching flash and silverlight based videos but it was fine and this is all on a single 22" monitor. Based solely on those experiences I would think that the 4350 is to week to get you what you want "cleanly". I also believe (again going solely on opinion here) that a HD5670 should get you where you want to be as long as you aren't trying to do anything to crazy here i.e. using 32" monitors at max resolution.
  9. ok guys none of you has said anything about this either... did you notice he said 3GB ram... on win7.... with 2 monitors.... c'mon guys i figured one of you would have said something.

    m1979, you need a new graphics card and you REALLY should consider getting 4-8GB ram, 3GB is next to nothing... especially with win7....i would bet with basic internet usage and nothing else running you're pushing 40-45% ram usage.

    that graphics card is nice, and also think about buying more ram. seriously. 3gb on win7 would make me super uncomfortable...
  10. 3 gb running win 7 isn't nearly as bad as you are making it out to be but if you have the spare money it certainly wouldn't hurt.
  11. thx guys!
  12. Just to say thx again, especially to omnipanzer

    I have just installed Asus 5670 and can watch 12 movies at the same time, no 'slow motion'. My WEI for aero is 6.8 right now
  13. Good to hear m1979
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