Gaming case under 100 dollars with panel fan controls

Does such a beast exist? I'd prefer it not look like a space ship, but I can't be too picky. I'm looking for a gaming case for an upcoming i5 2500k build. No SLI, single card only. I'd like to be able to crank up the fan while gaming with my headset on (since I wont be able to hear it anyway) but turn it down when doing work/productivity.
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  1. What's the Mobo Size that you plan to put into the case? Preferences?
    That is information that is required.
    "You'd like to crank up the fan"
    What if the card was cool enough as it is? and what fan would you want to crank up?
  2. Xigmatek Pantheon
    Xigmatek Utgard
  3. Here are two same make different colors

    Here's a whole bunch of them if you want to check them out though.

    But the question still stands..... what's the size of the mobo.?
  4. (I posted a reply this morning damn, obviously the glue didn't hold hehe)

    Grab any case you like the look of and slide a drivebay fancontroller in there, less compromise, more options :)
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