PC Wont boot with 2 sticks of memory

i recently got a msi-k9n6pgm2-v2 (ms-7309) motherboard and have 2 identical (2x-1g) 2rx8 pc2 5300u 555 12 ram sticks and when i put one in it boots fine but when they are both put in together the computer wont boot. ive already tried changing the voltage but it does not help.
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  1. Does it boot if you try only using one at a time? Like, put one in and see if it boots, then take that stick out, and put in the other and see if it boots with that stick.. Gotta do process of elimination
  2. It works yes, this problem was happening when I first bought the motherboard then I got a replacement of the same kind and the problem persisted
  3. Bump. C'mon I really need some help here
  4. 2nd bump
  5. Alright, It sounds like a memory problem to be honest.

    So you have individually tested both sticks of ram? Have you tried putting them in different slots on the motherboard? Make sure you test out each one alone in different spots.
  6. each of them work on the left slot, but not on the right. isnt a motherboard problem, i thought it was so i got the motherboard replaced and the problem persists
  7. Alright, so neither card will run in the right slot? Sorry I didnt read that correctly I suppose. That is a Motherboard problem then. To Double check i would download Memtest and do each ram card to eliminate that for sure...but sounds like your motherboard. Do you have up to date drivers? Otherwise I would call MSI and see what they can do for you because that is rediculous
  8. http://us.msi.com/file/test_report/TR10_1863.pdf
    that the ram that been tested in your mb. i would look to install one 2 g dimm or one 4g dimm.
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