Raid with two ata 33 drives?

I have a single ata33 drive (Medalist Pro) and a RAID mobo. Is it worth getting a second one cheap for RAID 0? Or should I just forget about it until I can get two ata 100?
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  1. You might see a little performance increase, but you will see a huge increase from ATA/33 and ATA/100. Especially if u are running RAID.
  2. If your medalist is ata-33 then it is likely somewhat dated and not cost effective to buy a match for it.

    You would probably get the same improvement going with a new IBM DeskStar that you would see with 2 medalists in RAID 0. Pricewatch has DTLA-307030 for about $135, the 307045 is about $175.
  3. Are there any ata66 drives out there that are fast (under 15 gig)?
  4. IBM rulz...

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  5. I know it does :) I work there :)
  6. Oh well, good, do you have discounts for me? :smile:

    Morgan 1.6Ghz + 256DDR = Dream on
    However dreams are approacable :wink:
  7. Of course. I have 2 quantum fireball LM on a RAID 0 array and I'mvery pleased with it. I think they are pretty much the best deal you can have, they are quite cheap, fast and made of good quality. Of course, they can't match the deskstar, but the deskstar can't match the Fireball's price.
  8. I have two small (around 2 gigs each) ATA33 drives in a RAID 0 setup used exclusively for virtual memory. I love it. If you do it, try and get Partition Magic or similar software and crank the cluster size on the stripe as high as you can get it.
  9. -- you wrote --
    Are there any ata66 drives out there that are fast (under 15 gig)?

    I'm sure there are some that are close. ATA-66/100 really doesn't seem to be much of a factor. It's the physical speed of the drives and the electronics that seem to make the difference.
  10. So now the question is, will I see a noticable performance increase from two Medalist Pro ata 33 to two IBM ata 66?
  11. It all depends on what type of applications you typically run. Dr. Tom has a great article on RAID 0 and the Promise FastTrak66 <A HREF=" " target="_new"> </A>

    I have a FastTrak66 with a pair of Maxtor 7200 rpm, 2 MB cache ATA66 drives using RAID 0. Loading large games is MUCH faster. Also, it speeds up photo and image manipulation apps a bunch.
  12. SATA drives are better.
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