It only has 1 DVI. 1 HDMI, and 1 Display port. Is it good for the graphics card to always use HDMI on high resolution? Like is it good for my graphics card if i do that. Also, what if i use a DVI male to VGA female adapter. I have a VGA monitor and i was thinking of using it but my graphics card doesn't have a VGA slot. Is it good for my graphics card to use a DVI male to VGA female adapter for long periods of time? Also, is it good if i use my TV as my main monitor. Will it burn out my graphics card?
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  1. Using your TV as a monitor will not burn out your graphics card or cause any harm to it. You can use an adapter to hook up a VGA monitor to that card if you wish, and that also will not harm it, neither will hooking it up via HDMI to a high resolution display.

    Graphics cards are typically only harmed when they run too hot, usually due to insufficient airflow in the case, poorly installed heatsink, or overclocking. Overvolting the card when overclocking can also damage them. If you are worried about temperatures, download HWMonitor and it will keep track of the temperatures of your PC's components. In any case, the temperatures should not get too high anyway outside of gaming, and even then, assuming you don't have cooling issues the card should not get hot enough to damage it.
  2. Cat hair and excessive dust can also damage video cards by blocking heatsinks.
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