Frankensteining some shyz

So my old pc's power supply sat in water when my basement flooded. Got a new power supply and of course motherboard is defective. Memory and cpu, hard drive, video card, dvd rom... status unknown. CPU and memory are probably shot too. But good news my dad has a custom built frag box (with the cpu i wanted when i originally built my system.. SCORE!) with a P45 and a Q9450. My current, dead, system has an X38 (both mobos are DFI LANParty, X38 is ATX and P45 im guessing is mircoATX to fit in a fragbox?) with an E8600. HD4870 1GB card. So basically my new system will be my Antec 300 case with my new unwaterdamaged 850w psu, original 300GB raptor, original dvd rom (external DVD RW), o and my cpu heatsink (Thermaltake? forget what is it but thats unimportant bc it will def work no matter what) and the newish P45 and the quad core with memory (prob 8GB speed unknown) of whatever i can find laying around in my basement. Let me know if im going to run into any probs (mobo not fitting right) or u need more details. Also if i will notice any difference in slower speeds since P45 is def close but prob not as good as my X38. Thanks alot guys!
WILL IT BLEND? :kaola:
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X38 P45
E8600 Q9450
HD4870 HD4870
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  1. Sounds like it should work. The PSU is serious overklll of the the rig, but should work.

    I don't see anything that would not work in there.
  2. Aight sweet thanks. And yea, when i originally built the system i was planning on doing crossfire in the future, hence the X38. After my psu tried to swim, my parents paid for the replacement one so i just got the same wattage. But im not lookin to do that anytime soon bc of money reasons. Plus i'd rather just get an HD6000 series if i needed to upgrade.
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